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Episode 92: May 10th- May 16th: The One with Christopher Beavers Encore Appearance

May 10, 2020
The One with Christopher Beaver's Encore Appearance
We going into May and Taurus season strong with the Hierophant aka the Oprah Card bringing in some much needed  A-ha moments and life lessons. April also brings in the Venus ruled Empress reminding us to stay present and work with the divine feminine in this time. And this week brings 3 of Pentacles Reversed, not surprising given that Venus will retrograde starting May 13th, this card reminds us to communicate clearly and express kindness to ourselves and others if tensions run high with loved ones or collegues this week.

This weeks Guest:

Christopher Beavers


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 What Am I listening to?

Host Cardsy B is a fashion industry survivor, tarot reader, and creator of the Badass Bitches Tarot by Cardsy B deck. Through intuitive readings served with a side of pop culture, Cardsy B offers an entertaining intro to the world of Tarot.

Who the F is Cardsy B?

Rebecca “Bex” Szymczak- aka Cardsy B- picked up her first deck of tarot cards at age eleven. After abandoning them to fit in with the cool kids in highschool she worked her way up the fashion industry by designing for DKNY, NIKE, and eventually serving as Creative Director/VP of Design for Playboy. After experiencing several traumatic losses in a period of five years, (Saturn return back to back with Saturn in her sun sign!) she pulled herself out of a pretty tragic Millennial meltdown using Tarot as healing tool. Eventually this passion for Tarot led to increased bookings as a Tarot reader at events around NYC and in person and via skype to private clients. To help herself dive even deeper into the cards, Bex illustrated her own deck by hand and is committed to helping others grow and heal through tarot in an approachable and fun way.

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